Perseus, is our robot from the 2020 competition, Infinite Recharge. It uses west-coast drive, and features an intake and index that allows it to hold and shoot 4 “power cells”, along with a pop-up wheel to spin the “color panel”. 


Opportunity, named after the late Mars rover, is our robot from the 2019 competition, Destination: Deep Space. It features struts that allow it to climb onto a platform and an intake mechanism that efficiently picks up and places balls. Opportunity won us first place in the Glacier Peak competition.


Nani was our robot from the 2018 competition, Power Up. Nani’s intake system allowed it to pick up “power cubes” and place them on a short “switch” and a tall “scale.” It also had a climb mechanism, which was used to pull itself up by a bar.


Maverick is our robot from the 2017 game, Steamworks. Named after the Top Gun character, Maverick has a ball shooter as well as a climb mechanism that uses a rope to pull the robot upwards. Maverick brought the team all the way to Houston, TX for the 2017 Worlds Championship.